Confidentiality at Velozity Global


Confidentiality in our workplace: What you need to know

Velozity Global Solutions believes that confidentiality is a very important factor for clients. We take our data security very seriously here at Velozity Global Solutions Services. Security considerations, such as data entry error checking through forms, filtering output, and encryptions need to be taken into account when dealing with web development. Malicious practices such as SQL injection can be executed by users with ill intent, or those with only a restricted knowledge of web development as a whole. Scripts can be exploited to grant unauthorized access to malicious users trying to collect information such as email addresses, passwords and protected content like credit card numbers.

We understand the importance of keeping our data about web development applications and project information secure, and hence make an extra effort to provide necessary measures, whether physical infrastructure security, data security, network security and server, and workstation security.

Some important security procedures that we focus on

  • Only employees, management and special visitors are allowed in the premises with a valid Photo ID
  • Employees and Visitors have restricted access and are not allowed beyond specific access points
  • A video surveillance system provides 24X7 security in addition to the physical guards on duty at all access points
  • We allow only authorized access to servers, networks, and workstations controlled through individual passwords
  • Access to Important files and Project directories is limited
  • All sent and received emails are checked for viruses
  • Real-time Anti-virus and SPAM protection for desktops and servers

Because new security holes are found in web applications even after testing and launch, security patch updates are frequent for widely used applications. It is often the job of web developers to keep applications up to date as security patches are released and new security concerns are discovered. Our web developers are all completely updated about new technologies considering security and are capable of completely administering to these problems.